Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Long, long time

Geesh, it seems like years since I posted. I've been busy trying to get my parents well, straightening up the house as my niece and her husband, my nephew, and their baby, my grand nephew, are coming for a visit. I think that since the Giants won the Super Bowl, I have been in a state of shock. LOL!!!! I have finally started to put together the second CC quilt. I have one more panel to add to my bargello quilt. I put together a backing for a Baby Genius quilt for my other niece and now I have to figure out if I am going to quilt it or should I give it to my LA. Maybe I'll ask her to put it on the frame and then pin it so that I can quilt it. That would be a novelty. Going to go out tonight and take some pictures of the eclipse. I'll post them later. Going back to cleaning. See you later. Keep the piece.