Monday, November 24, 2008

Way Too Many Projects

Well, finished most of my swaps. Mailed off the Ohio stars civil war fabric, the batik stars, the nine patch blocks for December, January and February and I have the Maker's Choice blocks all ready for mailing. I will NOT be doing so many swaps at one time again. One or two is quite enough. So, I will be staying with my Maker's Choice groups and whatever else we decide to do after and I will be staying with the Quiltville Swap group as Quiltville was the first group that I joined. These groups seem to be the most flexible and agreeable and forgiving with all the foibles that we quilter's have. I cannot show photos of my SSCS swap as I just finished putting it all together in a box to be mailed off. I will post photos after Christmas. Above are two quilts that I just picked up from the quilter on Saturday. The alphabet quilt is for my grandchild, I am working on another quilt for her. Can you see the quilted dog? That's what I picked to have quilted on the quilt. It's just too cute! The Carolina Crossroads is for my Mom's friend. Finally finished. Hopefully I will get to the other Bonnie quilts that I am in the process of finishing. See you all soon and have a very happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud To Be An American

I live in the greatest country in the world. I'm so proud of us. Let's hope that intelligence will rule the day. Stem cell research, Roe v Wade staying put, a more balanced Supreme Court, and maybe, hopefully, a more united nation.

Well, the PO has lost another swap of mine. I'm going to have to spend the extra money and send everything from now on Priority. Seems that only the Priority gets to where its supposed to.

I'll get to some new photo's tomorrow, as I'm going to bed now.

Keep the piece. Renée