Friday, July 17, 2009

Quilty Things

Hi All,

I have decided to make Ally a pink/purple alphabet quilt for Georgie. Seems I was really hoping for a boy and Georgie came out a gorgeous girl. The mostly blue alphabet quilt that I made really doesn't go in Georgie's room, it is pink and white. So, now I am going to make the same quilt for Georgie that I made for Asher, only this time using mostly pink and purple fabrics. Don't know when I'll get to it, but the fabric and the pattern are in a clear plastic bin, just awaiting for me to do it. I also have another pink/purple quilt to make from a Quilt Dash pattern.

Right now I am in the middle of making blocks for a Christmas exchange with one of my Eons quilting groups. I'm doing another block exchange with another Eons group. Lots of the ladies are overlapping groups, so I'm trying to send two blocks out to those, so I'm cutting fabric and trying to sew them up. I've also started a quilt for my niece. She's really funny, my niece. She wanted something with motorcycles and skulls and that Harley stuff, but I just couldn't do it. If she wants the skulls and such, maybe I'll use that fabric as the backing. She has such a pretty room, I really didn't want to use the skulls on the front. I hope she doesn't mind, but then again, anything that comes from me she will love.

I've been trying to save money and I have bought some fabric from Joann's recently. I must say, I will NOT be doing that anymore. The difference between the quilt shop fabric and the Joann's fabric is stark. Joann fabric is so thin you can see through it. You can punch fabric from a quilt shop and nothing will happen to it and you can't see through it. Don't you just love the feel of the quilt shop fabric? And the smell?

One of my local quilt shops is having a summer special. Take as many classes as you want for $100. That sounds wonderful and I did sign up to take four classes. What they don't tell you is the supplies for each class can be as much as $100 too, so you wind up spending way more than you thought. But then again, at the end of each class, I should have some amazing looking quilts. One Block Wonder, kaleidoscope, machine applique and a kit that the shop owner has designed. I'm bringing the Bernina in to have it serviced on Tuesday, so I should have it back in time for the classes in August. I'll bring the Kenmore in for service in August and then I'll bring the Singer in for service in September. Going back to the sewing. Take care and keep the piece. Renee

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