Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sadness and Hypocrisy

Good evening all,

Well, Ally did come down and I did get to see Georgie and boy, she is gorgeous. What a little girl. I think I left lip marks all up and down her body when I was kissing her all the time. We went to see my Mom at rehab and they went to see the rest of the family and it was okay. Ally brought Georgie to the house to see me, without the republican. I never did see him. Ally came over on Monday, 6/8, with Georgie to say goodbye to me as they were leaving that afternoon. She then left to go back to the hotel to check out and then they went for lunch. While at lunch, she called me to ask if Grandma liked California roll and I said she loves it. So, Ally brought Grandma California rolls for lunch and they all had a nice visit before they left for the airport. Now, anyone who lives in Florida knows that anytime after 2PM it will rain like a hurricane. So, Ally decided to go to the airport before the rain came. They left rehab around 3:30 and by 4:45 my Mom was gone. My Dad said she gasped for breath about five times and then just slumped over. So, he comes home around 5PM and tells me and I now have to call Ally to let her know. So I call her cell around 5:10 and of course it goes right to voice mail. I call her two more times just before 5:30 and she finally calls me back a few minutes later. I tell her, she goes hysterical, to the extent that I don't understand a thing she is saying. I tell her to call me back when they get home and I hang up. She called me at 11:30 to tell me that they were home and I told her I would call her the next day and let her know about the funeral.

After many phone calls, many plans, much crying, Dad and I pack for our "trip" to New York. The funeral will be on Wednesday the tenth up in New York. My niece has lined up a friend to watch her two kids, but of course, my daughter is going to bring her baby to the funeral. The reason: her mother in law wants to go to the funeral to be moral support for Ally. Does she not realize that Ally will have ALL her family there for moral support. If she wants to show her support, stay home and watch the baby. Finally, after much talking back and forth, Ally finally decides to leave the baby home. She will pick her up after the burial at the cemetery and come back to Brooklyn to my brother's house where my Dad and I are staying. After a long delay at the airport because of weather, we finally take off after 5PM on Tuesday, the ninth and get in the JFK after 10PM. Thank goodness our bags came out almost immediately and we were off to Brooklyn. We had to be at the funeral home at nine, so the limo came to pick us up. We were there for almost a half hour when Ally finally arrived. There was traffic from Long Island to Brooklyn, that's why she was a little late. The republican didn't even look at me, never mind come over and give me his condolences. My Aunt told me later on that he didn't go over to her either. We sat shiva (Jewish people sit shiva for a week after the death of a family member) at my brother's house. Ally's other family (her in laws) did not come to see us, they did not call us, they did not send a card. So, what can I say about them? Nothing. I will say nothing. A time will come for them to go and meet their maker and they will have to suffer the consequences then. Dad and I stayed up in New York for a week and we are now home for a while. We will go back up at the end of October for Pearl's one year birthday. I will probably go up alone for Georgie's as hers is at the end of January. Dad and I are doing fine, we have each other and we have the dog. He keeps us busy. And we have those grand kids. Three of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.

Okay, now for the hypocrisy. Republican hypocrisy. If you are going to spout family values, live by what you spout. If you cannot live up to being faithful to your wife, maybe you should just get a divorce. Maybe you shouldn't be spouting off about other people. Maybe people who throw stones shouldn't live in glass houses. This makes me sick. When Clinton was in office and he had the Lewinsky thing, the republicans were calling for him to resign. RESIGN they all said. What Clinton did was horrible. Well, they couldn't get him to resign, so they "impeached" and censured him instead. Now, we have a governor and a senator who had intercourse with women who are not their wives, and are they going to resign? Nope, they are not. The governor did get censured, but the senator has decided to run again. I guess the republican motto now is Do as I say, not as I do. When Larry Craig had his bathroom stance thing, resign they said. When Vitter had his little fling with the DC Madam, did he resign? Nope. What is it about republicans? Do they not know how hypocritical they are? Do they care? No, I don't think so. I hope the republican party can learn from all these incidents and maybe come up with a better platform than just family values. Now the republicans want to say that marriage is a private thing and we should just leave these men alone so that they can work out their problems. Well, if marriage is private, then why are they so scared of gay people getting married? What is it about gay people getting married that will make straight people getting married different? Or mean something different? Why are they so threatened? Well, time for me to get off the soapbox. I'm tired and I really need to get some sleep. Hopefully I can get back to some quilty things soon. Keep the piece.

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Candace said...

I'm sorry for your loss. It sounds like you really enjoyed the grandbaby. I'm about to have my first great grandbaby in a few months.