Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's been a while

Hi Everyone,

I know its been some time since I've been here. Life seems to get in the way sometimes. It's not been such a very good time for me. My daughter and her family are coming down here tomorrow and I don't think I am going to get to see my granddaughter. It seems that it is too much trouble for them to stop here at my house to see me after going to the rehab home to see my mom. The hotel that they are staying at is north of my house and they have to pass my house in order to get there. is too hard for them to stop here. I really think it is just that they land at 6:30PM and they are renting a car and then they are going to go see my mom and of course my dad will be there and it will be dinner time and why should they have to worry about paying for dinner when grandpa will? And by the time they finish dinner it will be late and Georgie will have to go to sleep, so it is too much for them to stop here. And you know what? It's quite all right with me. I don't ever want to see that republican again, so if my daughter ever decides to come to Florida with her child without him, that's just all right with me. I have this feeling that this little girl is not going to know me and she will find out about me when she's a teenager and then she will turn to her parents and treat them the same way they are treating me. I can only hope. I just want my little girl back, not this thing that the republican's family have created. I'm really tempted to tell them to just adopt her and be done with it. I've also decided to just do QOV quilts from now on. My little girl doesn't seem to see the value in what I do, so she and the family will no longer be endowed with my handiwork. I will make quilts for people who are much more deserving and appreciative. That's it for now. Renee

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