Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quilty Things

Since I don't do enough piecing, I have started a BOM with my QuiltingForAll group. Since I am having trouble posting my photos on the group site, I will post them here. I caught up this afternoon with the first April BOM. There they are. We are doing two blocks a month, so I am using the same pink fabric for the two blocks. Each month I will use a different pink fabric. I am trying to use the same white fabric and green fabric, but I am running out of green, so as soon as I have 12 blocks, I will change the green fabric for the last 12 blocks. I am also going to be doing another BOM with my Eons quilting group. This one started in August, but with no swapping. I think we are getting ready to do a BOM swap starting soon. I'm also doing at least two Bonnie Hunter scrap quilts all the while, so I'm keeping busy. The job market down here in Florida for older people is very slim and with the way the economy is going, I don't see myself getting a job any time soon. So, thank goodness I have parents who let me live with them and help them out, otherwise I would be on the street. So that's it for now. Watching the Yankees play the KC Royals with my Dad, so I'm going back to the game. BBL.

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Janet Brady said...

I found your blog on quilting bloggers random blogger feature. I love those pink and green blocks. They make me think of Lily Pulitzer clothes. I recognize the white background fabric too. I used it in my daughter's wedding quilt. I'll be stopping by again.